The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FCF), in Araraquara, offers two undergraduation courses. The Pharmacy-Biochemistry course adopts as a methodological basis the inseparability of teaching, research, and extension and aims at preparing the academicians for the introduction in the job market, whether in pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, clinical analysis laboratories, food industries or research institutions or taking up an academic career at the university. As for the Bioprocess Engineering and Biotechnology course, it prepares the students for the job market, by integrating tools of engineering with biologic concepts. The students are trained to develop a great variety of products and biotechnological processes applicable in the medical, industrial and agricultural areas, and in renewable energy. In the graduation, FCF offers three stricto sensu programs (master’s degree and doctorate) – Food and Nutrition, Biosciences and Biotechnology applied to Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical Sciences –, besides two inter-institutional programs – in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Physiological Sciences – and three lato sensu programs in Public Health – Clinical Analyses, Hemotherapy, and Distilled Beverages Quality Control and Production.


The researches performed at FCF are of a basic and applied nature and involve the search for new drugs and cosmetics, development of new dosage forms, prospection of new compounds derived from plants with biological activity, toxicological analyses, behavioral and molecular neuropsychopharmacology, study of functional foods, parasite-host relationship, biomarkers for diagnosis and/or monitoring of therapeutic interventions, molecular biology, cell biology, electron microscopy, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics-metabonomics, among other issues.


One of the characteristics of FCF is placing the human and technological potential at the service of the community. For the accomplishment of the extension activities, it counts, for example, with the Diagnostic Reference Center, the Regional Blood Center of Araraquara, the Pharmacy-School, Unisoja (Soy Byproducts Development and Production Unit), the Water Analysis Laboratory, the Bioequivalence and Pharmaceutical Equivalence Center, the Research and Development Center for the Quality of Cachaça, and the Paternity Investigation Laboratory.


▪ Undergraduation: Bioprocess and Biotechnology Engineering, Pharmacy-Biochemistry
▪ Graduation: Foods and Nutrition; Biosciences and Biotechnology Applied to Pharmacy; Pharmaceutical Sciences/ Physiological Sciences; Specializaion in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology; Public Health; Professional Enhancement in Clinical Analyses and Hemoterapy (Fundap); Distilled Beverages Quality Control and Production
▪ Physical space: 346,158.62 m² (with the School of Sciences and Languages)
▪ Constructed area: 23,128.88 m²
▪ 757 undergraduate students
▪ 310 graduate students
▪ 73 professors
▪ 158 technical-administrative servants
▪ Auxiliary Unit – Community Service Center – NAC

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Rodovia Araraquara Jaú, km 1 – s/n Campos Ville – Araraquara/SP
CEP: 14800-903
Phone: (55) 16 3301-6880
Fax (55) 16 3322-0073

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