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Unesp is one of Brazil's leading research universities and is developing research initiatives in strategic areas. Photo: publicity

Bioenergy: Research on biomass to bioenergy, methodologies applied to the production and analysis of biofuel, assays of biofuel in automotives, engines, evaluation of economy, social impacts and environmental aspects of biofuel area. 

Public Policy: Research on proposals, analysis, strategies and evaluation of public policy focused on education, health, environment, security and social problems. 

Nanotechnology: Research on the development of nanomaterials for improvement of petrochemical, ceramics, concrete, semiconductors and others industries as well as environment and human health. 

Biotechnology and Biomaterials: Development of products and processes in human and animal health, agriculture, forest engineer, analysis of foods, pharmaceutical compounds, cosmetics, essences, macromolecules, bio-informatics, biological molecules and environmental protection. 

Pharmaceutical Development and Technology:Research on the perspective, design, development, manufacturing and evaluation of traditional and novel drug systems. 

Climate Change: Evaluation and prospecting on global climate change and studies on influence and recovery of ecosystems, agriculture, health, environment and economy. 

Stem Cell: Research on isolation, usage and destruction of stem cell, its application on the cure of diseases and ethical aspects. 

Pre-Clinical and Clinical:Research on clinical and pre-clinical assays testing clinical, pharmacological and pharmacodynamic effects.

Collaborative Centre of Sea Sciences: An overview at the Pre-Salt: Scientific research team working on marine geology, oceanography, natural resources management, environment and fisheries resources.

Ms. Maria Valnice Boldrin - boldrinv@reitoria.unesp.br
Ms. Maysa Furlan - maysaf@reitoria.unesp.br

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