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Brazilian dentistry is considered one of the most advanced in the world. Photo: publicity

This group of disciplines will bring together clinical and basic science to address the concepts of dental caries and other oral infections and their consequences for understanding the diseases, the biocompatibility and clinical applications of restorative materials and the principles of bone biology. Upon completion of this theme, it is expected that the students will apply the knowledge learned to the solution of a wide range of oral diseases.

Cristiane Yumi Koga Ito

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Courses on this area:

  • 1. Cariology
    2. Bone Biology Applied to Dentistry
    3. Integrating new molecular insights into clinical aspects of host-microbial interaction in infectious oral diseases
    4. Direct Adhesive Restorations
    5. Science of adhesion in restorative dentistry
    6. Molecular and Cell Biology of Bone: from bone development to osteoimmunology and immunomodulatory therapeutic strategies


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