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São Paulo State University Press


By publishing books that are relevant for the development of science and universal culture, Editora Unesp (São Paulo State University Press). Photo: publicity

Editora Unesp (São Paulo State University Press) makes accessible the best of Brazilian and world intellectual production to a broad audience, providing high quality books, which are traditionally restricted to the University.

With a catalogue consisting of nearly 1,500 titles, several of them award winners, books from Editora Unesp are chosen in a spirit of broad editorial independence, fundamental characteristic of its performance.

Its activity also reaches professional development through Universidade do Livro (Book University), offering courses in the book-editing and publishing areas.

This educational project also comprehends Unesp bookshop, a cultural space opened in 2007, in the same site writer, Monteiro Lobato, in 1924, inaugurated his typesetting and publishing house. Contributing to São Paulo's downtown renewal project, the school-bookstore operates there, offering basic courses focusing on developing booksellers, from clerks to purchasing personnel, managers, and owners.

A model in Brazil and an international reference in terms of titles, editorial quality, leadership, associational and market presence, its catalogue includes works that receive widespread media attention and seek to intervene in major debates of society.

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