Bioprocess and Biotechnology Engineering

An engineering discipline that is continuously expanding and becoming more and more competitive

The major provides students with comprehensive knowledge of biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, and bioprocesses.

** Double Degree

Biotechnology currently stands out as one of the most innovative and challenging economic and technology activities in Brazil. The field, which has several methodologies, may be defined as follows: "any sort of technological application that relies on biological systems and living organisms - or derivatives of the latter - to create or modify products or processes for specific uses".

The Bioprocesses and Biotechnology Engineering major - which is offered in the campuses located in Araraquara and Botucatu - provides a great multidisciplinary education, which includes courses that will help students develop all the necessary skills to become an active professional, someone able to meet all the expectations imposed by modern biotechnology and the job market related to it. Students will certainly be prepared for an area that is emerging as one of the most important ones for the technological development of Brazil.

The bioprocess and biotechnology engineering graduates will receive enough theoretical, technical, and scientific background to make sure they are provided with good judgment regarding decisions they might have to make and problems of any kind they might have to solve.  In order to accomplish this, the undergraduates must develop their professional flexibility so they can work in as many areas as they are capable to. Such adaptability will be provided by the multidisciplinary approach the major holds, an approach that may also help them become more critical and bold as professionals.  Besides having a great ability to adapt, students also must be able to forecast the main technological developments to come, since they will be working in a very competitive marketplace, which is always craving for new products.

These professionals will be provided with extensive knowledge of essential disciplines related to biotechnology, such as molecular biology, genetics, and bioprocesses - besides technological disciplines related both to biotechnology and industrial production.  Such professional profile will qualify students to work not only in biotechnology-related industries, but also in many other public and private companies.

A bioprocess and biotechnology engineer may work in several areas, such as: production of biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, diagnostic products, food products, and feedstock; production of biotechnological products for agriculture, livestock production, and the bioenergy industry; management of biotechnological production and processes - always having in mind the quality standards of the final product; development of facilities and equipment projects for the biotechnology industry; development of new biotechnological products and processes; commercialization of equipment and products for biotechnology companies; quality control for the biotechnology industry; and development of biotechnologies and bioprocesses aimed at the environmental preservation and restoration. Also, this professional may also teach or carry out research at universities and research institutions.

The major lasts 5 years, during which students will not only be offered theoretical and practical classes, but also scientific initiation activities, side projects, and academic and scientific events.

The curriculum also includes a mandatory supervised internship, which will verify students' abilities and skills in real-life work situations, besides giving them more field experience as biotechnology professionals.

Where to study - Cities

Campus Period No. of Seats Duration
Araraquara Morning and Afternoon 40 5 years
Botucatu Morning and Afternoon 50 5 years


Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas - FCF
Rodovia Araraquara-Jaú, km 1 – CP 502
Araraquara – SP – CEP 14801-902
Fone (55) 16 3301-6880
Fax (55) 16 3322-0073


Faculdade de Ciências Agronômicas - FCA
Fazenda Experimental Lageado
R. José Barbosa de Barros, 1780 – CP 237
Botucatu – SP – CEP 18610-307
Fone (55) 14 3811-7100
Fax (55) 14 3815-3438