Biological Sciences

Action towards preservation and sustainable use of resources

The campuses offer infrastructure and professional formation with excursions, internships and scientific initiation. Facing the crescent necessity of preserving nature, a biologist has the competence, among other skills, to document and establish strategies to conserve biodiversity, adopt initiatives towards environmental education and conduct environmental impact studies. He/she can also take part in biotechnological researches, projects involving cloning, transgenic organisms, stem cells, medicines and new products, in both public and private organizations. The professional also performs in the areas of clinical analysis, public health, forensic biology, bioenergetics, oceanography and paleontology, among others. On the other hand, the teaching degree allows the professional to teach in both middle and high schools.

The UNESP campuses that offer courses of bachelor's and teaching degree are equipped with modern labs and stimulate scientific initiation research development in areas like Biotechnology, Structural Biology, Marine Biology, Health and Education in Sciences and Biology. Visits and practices in various types of natural environments improve the professional's formation.

In the campus of Assis, students can graduate with both degrees in four years. The unit organizes meetings and scientific excursions regularly. The students that take part in scientific initiations can receive scholarships in areas like Environment and Biodiversity, Health and Biotechnology.

In Bauru, the Sciences Faculty offers the Graduation Course in Biological Sciences, which is concerned in providing an academic formation of quality, presenting an up-to-date perspective regarding biological and educational content. Besides the new and spacious didactic labs, there are research labs in which the student may initiate his scientific activities, work on internships, and take part in scientific initiation or extension projects. Botucatu Campus' Biological Sciences course is offered in two modalities: teaching and bachelor. Both options have a set of common core subjects that constitute the building blocks of the future biologist's formation, in addition to the specific subjects to the bachelor's formation or the future Sciences or Biology teacher's formation. During the academic formation, scientific initiation activities are encouraged in the research labs, as well as their participation in college extension programs. The Institute is equipped with excellent structure regarding education in Biology: didactic labs in the different areas of knowledge, botanical gardens, herbarium, vertebrate anatomy museum, diverse scientific collections, several lines of research in both basic and applied areas and a broad network of covenants with various national and international institutions.

Teaching and bachelor's degree with emphasis in Environment and Biodiversity are the options in Ilha Solteira's campus, where the student must choose one of the modalities by the end of the first year. In Ilha Solteira the student has the opportunity to conduct scientific meetings, excursions to different biomes and take part in exchange programs. The unit has learning and research farms in São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, with areas inside the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado. It also has collections of plants, animals, stones and minerals. Upon completion of the chosen modality, the student may request a re-entry to complete the other one.

The students in Jaboticabal develop a critic, ethic and supportive stance regarding the environment and biotechnology. In addition to the regular lectures, students visit various biomes. The bachelor's degree has emphasis in environment and biotechnology. In the teaching degree there are mandatory internships in schools.

Rio Claro's Biological Sciences program is one of the most praised and consolidated programs in Brazil, being considered a model not only in the state, but also in a federal scale. This course is offered in two modalities, bachelor and teaching, which can be both obtained in a one-time admission (bachelor and teaching degree). The campus in São José do Rio Preto offers both modalities, although the student must choose between one of them by the end of his first year. After having completed his/her studies in the first modality, it's up to the student to request a re-entry to complement his formation in both modalities. In addition to the didactic activities, it is possible to work in funded internships in diverse areas and, in the bachelor's program, the student may direct his formation towards one of the four areas of emphasis offered in this program: Genetics and Biochemistry, Animal Biology, Vegetal Biology and Structural Biology.

São Vicente offers teaching degree (nocturnal) and bachelor's degree in two specializations: Marine Biology or Coastal Management. Marine Biology qualifies the students to work in coastal and marine environments; Coastal Management provides tools for integrated coastal management, along with operation in coastal and Atlantic Forest ecosystems, or in port activities. The bachelor's students also have contact with diverse marine biomes through the open field trips to collect material and the use of didactic labs.

Where to study - Cities

Campus Period No. of Seats Duration
Assis Full-time 40 (B/T) 4 years
Bauru Full-time 40 (B/T) 4 years
Night 40 (T) 5 years
Botucatu Full-time 40 (B/T) 4 years
Night 40 (T) 5 years
Ilha Solteira Night 50 (B/T) 4 (B) / 5 (T) years
Jaboticabal Night 40 (B/T) 4 years
Rio Claro Full-time 40 (B/T) 4 years
Night 25 (B/T) 5 years
São José do Rio Preto Full-time 50 (B/T) 4 years
São Vicente Full-time 40 (B) 4 years (B)
Night 40 (T) 5 years (T)


Faculdade de Ciências e Letras - FCL
Address: Av. Dom Antonio, 2100
Assis – SP – CEP 19806-900
Phone: (55) 18 3302-5800
Fax number: (55) 18 3302-5804


Faculdade de Ciências - FC
Address: Av. Eng. Luiz Edmundo Carrijo Coube, 1401
Bauru – SP – CEP 17033-360
Phone: (55) 14 3103-6000
Fax number: (55) 14 3103-6071


Instituto de Biociências - IB
Address: Distrito de Rubião Junior S/N
18618-970 - Botucatu, SP
Phone: (14) 3811 6000


Faculdade de Engenharia - FE
Address: Avenida Brasil, 56, Centro
15385-000 - Ilha Solteira, SP
Phone: (18) 3743-1000


Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias e Veterinárias - FCAV
Address: Via de Acesso Prof.Paulo Donato Castellane s/n
14884-900 - Jaboticabal, SP
PABX: (16) 3209-2600


Instituto de Biociências - IB
Address: Avenida 24 A,1515, Bela Vista
13506-900 - Rio Claro, SP
Phone: (19) 3526-9000
PABX: (19) 3526-9000


Instituto de Biociências, Letras e Ciências Exatas - IBILCE
Address: Rua Cristóvão Colombo, 2265, Jardim Nazareth
15054-000 - São José do Rio Preto, SP
Phone: (17) 32212200


Câmpus do Litoral Paulista
Address: Praça Infante D. Henrique, s/n
São Vicente – SP – CEP 11330-900
Phone: (55) 13 3569-7100

Translation: Caio Rolim