Architecture and Urbanism

Projects for urban sustainable growth

Interdisciplinary proposal forms a versatile professional with social and environmental care

The Bachelor in Architecture and Urbanism from UNESP can work in public offices (municipal, state or federal), developing projects for improvement of urban areas; restoration of monuments; projects of public buildings such as schools and hospitals; construction of residential complexes; studies on environmental impacts; or in private companies, developing construction and buildings renovation projects; structures adjustment; landscaping projects; interior architecture and buildings reuse.

The goal of this degree is to form professionals with a historical-critical approach of reality, able to conceive it as a constantly changing process.

For this purpose, the architect must gain knowledge from different areas surrounding his formation: natural sciences, exact sciences – applied to Architecture and Urbanism – and humanities, through appropriation, construction and socialization of theoretical-practical knowledge which guarantees:  valorization of intellectual creativity; ability of comprehending and translating the social needs of individuals, groups and society as a general; a social vision of the world,  commited to the civility and the transformation of Brazilian society.

In Bauru, the syllabus goal is to guide the formation of a versatile professional, enabling degrees in the following areas: Esthetic and History of Arts, Social and Economic Studies, Environmental Studies, Design and Representation and Expression, Theory and History of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscaping, Architecture, Urbanism and Landscaping Project, Urban and Regional Planning, Building Technology, Structural Systems, Environmental Comfort, Retrospective Techniques, Informatics applied to Architecture and Urbanism, Topography, End-of-Course Work, Supervised Practice, Extra Activities.

Didactic procedures are composed of lectures, practical classes (based on practical experimentation of the program content given – laboratories classes – LAUPS), annual Technical Visits or Trips (a trip per year and per class, for instance: Sao Paulo, Petrópolis, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Ouro Preto, Inhotim, Goiás Velho and Curitiba) and Architecture and Urbanism Week (in which issues related to architecture, urbanism and landscaping are debated, including experience exchanges and discussion of diverse topics with external professionals to the major).

In the College of Sciences and Technologies, in the Presidente Prudente campus, the full-time major counts with seven laboratories, design classrooms, an office destined to build models and an experimental construction site. The course aims for the graduation of architects and urbanists who contribute to the planning of housing policies, urbanization, re-urbanization, and punctual or large interventions in the urban fabric. Besides, it proposes that a city is both result and process of the production of a life style, which demands creative interventions to solve its problems.

Where to study - Cities

Campus Period No. of Seats Duration
Bauru Full-time 45 5 years
Presidente Prudente Full-time 45 5 years


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